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If you have a suggestion or a correction , or anything else, do tell.

Suggestions already made, but are not being considered for inclusion at present:
* Non-VFL/AFL competitions e.g. AFLW, State of Origin, state leagues, preseason/night, IR, non-senior level.
* The draft.
* The judiciary/MRP.
* Familial relationships (father/son etc.)
* Other Best and Fairest awards and their ilk e.g. Rising Star, Norm Smith, Players Association, All-Australian etc.
* Captaincy and player positional data
* The draft, in case you missed it the first time

No need to re-enquire about these issues, it's likely such enquiries will be ignored.
In addition, please read the notes about the way some things are the way they are.

Note: I will reply to most serious enquiries, but if your email addy is incorrect, I can't do anything about it!
Please allow a few days for any response, thanks

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