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Club Champion

The title of 'Club Champion' is held until the holder loses, the title passing to their vanquisher.
The inaugural champion is deemed to be Fitzroy, by virtue of having the largest win in Round 1, 1897

[Championship Games]

TeamGames HeldLast Held
Adelaide412023.05.28 (R11,2023)
Brisbane Bears71994.06.26 (R14,1994)
Brisbane Lions702023.05.20 (R10,2023)
Carlton3202023.08.19 (R23,2023)
Collingwood3332023.09.30 (GF,2023)
Essendon2332019.04.19 (R5,2019)
Fitzroy1751993.05.22 (R9,1993)
Fremantle362022.07.09 (R17,2022)
Geelong2922022.09.24 (GF,2022)
Gold Coast12023.06.03 (R12,2023)
Greater Western Sydney152023.09.16 (SF,2023)
Hawthorn1392020.06.28 (R4,2020)
Melbourne2082022.05.21 (R10,2022)
North Melbourne1172012.08.18 (R21,2012)
Port Adelaide442021.08.27 (QF,2021)
Richmond1792021.04.30 (R7,2021)
St Kilda1082022.07.01 (R16,2022)
Sydney2282022.09.17 (PF,2022)
University41910.07.23 (R13,1910)
West Coast762018.09.29 (GF,2018)
Western Bulldogs962021.09.11 (PF,2021)
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